Thursday, September 8, 2011

#14 - The Right Connection

Ross and his silver-haired wife of 47 years were munching on their 7-layer burritos, that fall afternoon. From their position they could see a couple sailboats casually moving across the blue waters of Pine Lake amid the sparkling diamonds of sun reflections dancing on the water.

A car pulled into the parking lot and two teens got out. She walked over to the swings and sat in one. She immediately began pushing buttons on her smart phone. At the same time, the boy got out of the car and walked directly to a picnic table without looking at the girl at all. He had a small earphone in one ear, with the other one just hanging free.

Neither of the teens displayed any interest in the other, as Ross and Hope tried not to give a nosy stare. Shortly, the girl began walking along the sandy shore as the boy returned to the car; taking a seat on the passenger side.

Not long afterward, the girl walked back to a picnic table in the restful shade of a tree whose leaves hadn't begun to display their hidden fall colors of red, orange, and yellows. With elbows on the table and her face in her hands; eyes covered, Ross and Hope could easily imagine the heart-cries turning into tears of hopelessness.

The boy walked over to the girl but remained standing, with earphone in place. He seemed to say nothing as he appeared cold toward the distraught girl. With hand gestures of desperation toward the boy, communication was exchanged, certain to break anyone's heart who longed for a real friend; someone that deeply cared.

Both teens were clearly connected to their own technology but worlds apart from each other, and the friendship so needed to mature through those stressful uncertain teen years.

As the heart-breaking events played out in front of them, the two silver-haired spectators wrapped up their unfinished burritos, unable to eat them all. Ross lovingly placed his hand on top of Hope's left hand. Their heads both bowed in silent prayer for the teens in front of them and those that God has brought into their mission field.

As Ross and Hope prayed, their clasped hands came to rest on the car Bible always on the seat between them. It was then the only real life connection was made, between two hearts and Heaven's plan for every age.

Making the RIGHT connection, of lasting love, understanding, peace, and purpose, rests squarely and solely on, and in, God's precious word; His heart-to-heart communication that meets every need.