Thursday, September 29, 2011

#2 - Sugar Tears

God's up to something! Mrs. Tappin repeated several times out loud, as she drove home from her monthly Quilts for Christ fellowship on the other side of town. She knew it'd take the better part of tomorrow to decipher all her notes, until she got the fellowship's tape recording in the mail, in about two weeks.
That evening Hope and Ross Tappin, climbed into bed and Ross opened his old Bible of ragged pages, yellowed by time, and stained by Tappin tears; both his and hers. Ross read the inspired text while Hope kept caressing the page closest to her as though some of that inspiration, was still alive today, flowing in through her finger tips.
No sooner had Ross closed the blessed pages, than Hope almost shouted to her husband of 48 years. “Ross! God's up to something! I mean He's really up to something, and right here in me! I gotta tell you or I won't sleep a wink all night, or maybe ever!”

This afternoon at the fellowship, we had a speaker who is a registered nurse. She spoke about several ailments of older folks, and especially about dehydration and really zeroed in on dry eyes. She didn't get too technical but she had a couple of slides showing us what an incredible design God has fashioned our eyes with.” Ross had to calm Hope down twice or neither of them would get any sleep tonight.

Well, anyway, Dede, that's the nurse, told us about human tears. There's actually 3 different kinds of tears each of us use. And our tears clean, lubricate, and medicate our eyes. Ross, did you know our tears have oil and water, and even sugar in them? That's right. It's called glucose or Grape Sugar. Honey, right after breakfast tomorrow, I'm gonna call Fran and tell her our Creator is even more fantastic than we already know.”

Ross. I want to pray for us tonight. I want my heart to be wide open to all God has in store for us, whatever that might be.” She began to grab God's throne of love with her heart and words. She wanted divine direction in disciplining Tamara, the teenager from the next street over. Hope almost begged God for his leading to reach into Tamara and show her that tears and, yes, texting, are both gifts from God and therefore must be used per His directions and for His purposes. She thanked God for showing her and Ross that God is up to something. But even more, He's given us tools like tear drops that are meant to cleanse, make things work smoothly, and protect against the elements and evil in this world.
God means for us to see His good gifts; in provision, protection, and purpose. How does He want us to view stressful times? By looking through His tears; through sweet tears that are burdened for broken hearts, like Tamara's, and others we see each day.

The verse that Hope cherished, with its promise, for so many years is Psalms 126:6
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Why not put a bowl of ready-to-eat grapes on your table alongside an open Bible and invite a friend over? If God has His way in your heart and conversation, you both might be smiling through Grape Sugar tears.